How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring a Freelancer

Fear Clowns, Not Freelancers

Fear Clowns, Not Freelancers

Freelancer Fear

Does this sound familiar?

You are starting something new and it’s crunch time.

With only a day to kick off your project, you have no time to hunt and hire skilled employees, but you need that professional work-ready talent who can start work ASAP.

You really want to give freelancing a go, but…its scary!

While you’ve read a lot about  businesses turning to digital nomads to carry out their tasks, rather than employees, your head’s reeling with unanswered questions, particularly, how and where to start?

Although you know that there are businesses that have parked their hiring headaches aside and freelanced their projects, the “fear of starting” in the pit of your stomach is always lingering around.

To help you shed away your fears and find that perfect freelance partner, let us look at the challenges, questions, or concerns that are stopping you from “Go Freelancing”.

You need help!


The problem is…

  • How and where do I pick the right freelancer?
    Let’s say you are still weighing the pros and cons of bringing in a freelancer. I bet your prime concern would be, zeroing down the best one. You must have done your research and found tons of freelancer profiles floating around online, coupled with various freelance marketplaces from where you can hire freelancers. However, you are still not sure about who would be the best fit to fuel your success.
  • How do I assess the quality of work?
    After pouring over loads of profiles, followed by emails and telephonic conversations, you finally seem to have found the right resources. Their portfolios seem to be very impressive and the samples seem to be the kind that you were searching for. Now, how do you reassess the quality of their work? Do you give them a sample project or do you shave off a small module from your huge project? Will they work on it or just flee?
  • How much do I pay?
    If not the topmost on your list, cutting down on the cost factor definitely finds a place in your agenda. You don’t want to lose the best resource, but at the same time you think the cost is way above your budget. How do you assess the cost of services?

You think you are almost there, but…

Is it risk-free, will I get someone with the right attitude and integrity to kick start my project? Many such questions make you apprehensive to hire a freelancer.

Now that we have a fair idea about your key concerns, let’s check out how we can resolve them.


The solution is…
While you are pondering about a strategy to help you pick the best freelancer, assess the quality of their work, and the cost of services, FlintAvenue’s proven best-in-class freelance team can help you sail through effortlessly and make your experience enriching and 100% risk-free. Want to know how?

  • Flint Avenue’s talent pool
    Flint Avenue understands that you would love to work with a consistent freelance team on your projects and cherish valuable relationships while you sign-off the projects. Whether you need a freelance writer, a graphic designer, UX designer, editor, or an entire team of freelancers for content development, design, production, distribution, and localization, you can find the right resource in Flint Avenue. Put an end to your never-ending search for the best resource from a million profiles online, and tap into Flint Avenue’s talent pool to pick an entire team of experts and accomplish way more than your expectations.

We know your world and have that professional work-ready talent ready to spark your next project.

  • Flint Avenue’s quality standards
    Flint Avenue’s stringent quality standards and well-defined processes ensure that a team of experts review the project before it reaches your Inbox. However, if you get something for a first review and want to scrap the entire thing, we have other freelancers in the network, and can change the resource at no additional cost.

Our high-quality services can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

  • Cost savings through Flint Avenue’s services
    Hiring a collaborative marketing team requires a huge budget. By partnering with Flint Avenue you get the benefits of an entire marketing team with writers, editors, graphic designers, and a marketing strategist for the cost of a single project.

So, what’s more, you can save a huge slice and do away with your budgeting hassles.

And, the icing on the cake…

While you save on the cost to get your plum project ready by Flint Avenue’s professional freelancing team, you also have a marketing strategist to lead you. Being led by a true marketing strategist is indeed an icing on the cake because with our marketing strategist around, you are never left wondering whether your idea was good or not. We have the experience and will tell you.

Business can be immensely satisfying if you do significant work with brilliant people. So, “Go Freelancing” with Flint Avenue’s best-in-class freelance team.

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