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How does it work?

  1. You tell us your business story and goals.
  2. We recommend the right path to navigate the social waters to reach your goals.
  3. We have an exclusive social media team that writes your content, designs custom images, and posts to your social accounts every day!
  4. You get an analytic report every month that shows you exactly what is happening!

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You may wonder:

1Is anyone really getting business
from this social stuff?
The answer is YES, people are getting business from this social stuff.
2I’ve heard Facebook is dead for
businesses, is that true?
Facebook is NOT dead. We have a team of experts that have the right experience to get you the visibility you need.
3What have these companies figured out
that I haven’t quite mastered yet?
Those companies have figured out that running social media accounts is an art. And we are Michelangelo. There are tricks, tools, and tips to use. Our team is constantly researching the best ways to outsmart the notorious algorithms.
4How much does all of that cost?
We have social packages to fit any budget! We help you first define your goals and the best possible social strategy. Then you set a budget that you control!

We want to give you:

Social media strategy that tells your brand story
Crave-able social media content” social media content across multiple platforms
Social media post and event scheduling
Monthly analytics reports

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