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FAM’s Homeruns:

Tierras Planas Roasters Packaging

We boast a lot of services here at the FAM, but we don’t often get to share the cool things we make. One of the ways we spent our summer here is creating new coffee bag packaging for our clients, Tierras Planas Roasters (TPR).

TPR Logo

FAM-designed TPR logo

We put the FAM-designed TPR logo front and center and created a sticker design that includes region, variety, descriptions, and dates, all in one place. TPR can then grab a bag off the stack and use these bad boys to customize the brew they’re packaging that day.



Our designer also created a handy BREWometer design that helps customers choose a coffee variety that appeals most to their taste preferences. This is customized on the sticker too, and we put a legend on the bag design.

FAM’s Homeruns: Tierras Planas Roasters Packaging

Kerry’s story

We also shared Kerry’s story on how TPR came to be and why he loves what he does. Connecting to the customer emotionally is a perfect sidebar with a personalized signature.

FAM’s Homeruns: Tierras Planas Roasters Packaging

Brewing Directions

Lastly, we couldn’t forget the brewing directions. Drink up and savor the FAM design!

What do you think of the new TPR coffee bag? We’d love to hear your comments! Does your business need a new packaging design? Reach out to us at projectninja@flintavenue.com


Melissa Dusette is Digital Project Ninja for Flint Avenue, as well as Brand Anthropologist at Golden Wolf Photography. She specializes in Personal Branding Photography.

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