New Year in Business: Change for Good

Change for Good

January 31, 2020

We’re just over a month into the new year here at Flint Avenue but I’m going on record now with the prediction that 2020 will be a year of great change. How can I be so sure? Simple… every year is a year of great change!

Think about it. From the macro to micro level, how much of your job revolves around change? It’s true; large, longer-term plans often get changed throughout the year while you’re daily managing change from one minute to the next. So, yeah, change is constant. The question is, is change happening to you or because of you?

Of course, change is hard. Hell, just accepting it can take a ton of effort and energy. Still, it’s time and energy you’ll spend one way or another. So, whenever possible be proactive when it comes to making a change because actively causing it (rather than just reacting or accepting it) can be the difference between change being an investment or a cost.

As a small, dynamic, full-service outsource marketing department for our clients, Flint Avenue is well-versed in providing new perspectives, ideas, and solutions. So, if you’re ready for a change in your provider of outsourced marketing services, drop me a line. From plug-and-play services like editing, content development, and design, to turn-key marketing plans, programs, and campaigns, we can show you exactly how a change can be a change for good.

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